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The Evolution of Levi's® Icons for Fall 2014

The Evolution of Levi's® Icons for Fall 2014

Made first by the Levi’s® brand and worn by generations, the Levi’s® Icons—the 501® Jean, Western Shirt and Trucker Jacket—continue to define the modern dress code. From presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the every man, the cultural significance of Levi’s® Icons has been defined by the people who wear them. A symbol of individuality and universality, Levi’s® Icons are the ultimate expression of personal style, worn by the pioneers who shape our world, generation after generation.

Every season, we take our signature pieces and reimagine them, opening our minds to the possibilities of innovation, craft, sustainability and the times we live in. Honoring the spirit, attention to detail and craftsmanship of our much-loved originals, we transform, take risks and evolve—like all good things must.


Deemed Time Magazine’s “Fashion Item of the 20th Century,” the original Levi’s® 501® button fly jean is an American icon that has been woven and stitched deeply into our world’s cultural heritage. Built for workers in the American West, the Levi's® 501® jean became the standard to which all other workwear would be held against. With patented copper rivets used to strengthen pockets and seams, the 501® jean created a whole new category of clothing—the blue jean—and nothing would be the same again. Invented in 1873, it’s still the definitive classic. The evolution of today’s 501® jean has been driven by a commitment to craftsmanship and quality.  There isn’t a stitch on the jean that hasn’t been reconstructed and improved to enhance this timeless product, while staying true to its essential core.

Fall 2014 Men’s 501®

Designed with uncompromised authenticity and tailored to perfection, the 501® jean has subtly evolved through the years— improving with age to provide every generation with the jeans they need. For the Fall 2014 collection—inspired by California's Venice Beach and Yosemite Valley—a new range of authentic, light to dark washes emerge, alongside custom-inspired 501® jeans, which pay homage to denim longevity and love, the pieces we wear and wear out, patch and sew up. The standout customized pieces feature shredded finishing and repair zones patched up with off-color denim and military twill.           

Fall 2014 Women’s 501®

On the ladies side, the Fall 2014 evolution of the Levi’s® 501® includes a palette of white, authentic blues and charcoal, with varied levels of distress—from true-blue washes to faded and torn-up finishing. One lived-in, pale blue pair features a clean cuff on the bottom, creating a tailored effect on a slouchy boyfriend silhouette. Meanwhile, the much beloved 501® shorts stick to classic colorways (white/lighter washes to darker denim), as well as chalky sunset hues that give a nod to '90s Venice Beach. Some styles play with a longer hem length.


The Trucker arrived on the scene in 1962. Since then, it has achieved global status as the denim jacket silhouette. A hardworking classic, it’s got attitude, ages gracefully and its functional design works across all genres and genders. This single jacket may just be the most versatile thing in your closet. Little wonder the Trucker has stood the test of time.

Fall 2014 Men’s Trucker Jacket

Remastered for the season in denim and non-denim fabrics, Fall 2014 sees the Trucker evolve in a handful of ways. Inspired by the season's Yosemite theme, the Fall 2014 Sherpa Trucker features a faux fur collar and water repellant corduroy fabric to protect from the elements. The Sherpa Trucker comes in a golden brown and black—as well as herringbone cord. The Fall 2014 Trucker also arrives in soft, sweatshirt-style fleece and denim covered in a multitude of patches, conjuring the look of a well-traveled favorite and touching on the season's '90s Venice Beach inspiration. Other denim Truckers include renditions showcasing bleach splatters, brushed indigo, a worn-in and patched-up Customized design, and the Commuter style, featuring a function-first silhouette and thermo-regulation technology.  

Fall 2014 Women’s Trucker Jacket

The Women's Trucker for Fall 2014 features a range of light to dark denim rinses and special seasonal finishes, including saturated overdyes and decorative repair elements. The collection also features a caramel-coloured suede Trucker, which comes with a matching pair of Levi’s® 501® cut off shorts.


With origins in the 1930s, when cattle drives and ranching were an everyday activity, the Western Shirt was built to work day or night—horseback casual to cowboy formal. A classic since its inception, it had little choice but to transcend the West. While we’ve given it some modern updates, one thing always rings true: The Western—no matter where it’s going—always knows where it came from. And you can see that in details like the signature Western yoke and Sawtooth flap-pockets.

Fall 2014 Men’s Western Shirt

Denim and chambray fabrics lead the way for the Fall 2014 Western Shirt for men, showcasing authentic and statement finishes, grey and black overdyes and subtle prints. The Venice Beach-inspired Westerns feature repair patchwork and heavy destruction, with bleach used in places for a cloudy effect. For the Yosemite-inspired portion of the collection, designed for the later Fall months, the Western is reworked for warmth, coming in heartier, plaid rustic twills, chamois, corduroy, and fleece.

Fall 2014 Women’s Western Shirt

The Women's Western debuts a new shape for Fall 2014, with a fit that is cut close up top, with a more relaxed waist. Colorways range from chalky pastels inspired by Venice Beach surf culture and ombre-pattern distress to saturated blacks and overdyed indigos. The lightweight denim Westerns come in a range of new and authentic washes, and the Western Shirt jacket and denim Western Shirt dress also emerge.